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AVIC participated in the Tianjin Expo and held a theme forum

On the morning of September 6, at the scene of the 2nd China Tianjin International Helicopter Expo, executives and experts from CATIC Logistics, Airbus, SDV, AVIC HIT, and AVIC Tianjin Company gathered at the fair Material procurement, material logistics, supply chain development model, and hazardous chemicals management, logistics base functions introduced topics. This on the "aviation industry supply chain development outlook," the theme of the forum, attracting a large number of exhibition visitors, the industry to listen.
CATIC logistics executive vice president, chief information officer Wang Meng was invited to the forum published the "China Aviation Supply Chain Logistics Service Platform Development Mode" keynote speech to explore the aviation industry supply chain development model, the development of the aviation industry supply chain status, development direction And other content point of view.
Wang Meng always believes that AVIC's overall supply chain management is still in the integration stage of development, supply chain supporting level and more complex relationship between the two-way network, a wide range of aviation materials, logistics operations demanding, despite the Group land park, storage facilities, Professional and other aspects of the rich resources, but the scattered and low utilization of resources, supply chain costs continue to increase, upstream and downstream supply chain information between the opaque and affect the efficiency of coordination. How to integrate the huge supply chain resources, reduce management costs and improve operating income, is a difficult problem to be solved. To solve this problem, we need to start from five aspects: business reorganization, property right reorganization, assets and liabilities reorganization, personnel reorganization and management reorganization.
Wang Meng always proposed that AVIC supply chain management can establish a "virtual logistics ecological environment" according to the "jungle law", through the imitation of ecological environment to build a standardized, integrated professional supply chain management platform, dealing with complex and diverse types of services and business Type, to achieve business flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow of all-round integration. Through the core logistics node construction of urban logistics park, the development of aviation industry logistics section, the electricity business logistics business and contract logistics business plate. By promoting the full use of the logistics park resources and the business segments of the interrelated to achieve rapid and effective development of the aviation industry logistics business plate and logistics park as a whole profit target. Make good use of this platform, give full play to free competition, the criteria of survival of the fittest, will be a strong impetus in the aircraft industry supply chain resources, the depth of integration. As a specialized logistics enterprise in the aircraft industry, AVIC Logistics will continue to focus on the planning and construction of a unified and efficient aviation industry logistics platform, strengthen the service network, information platform and logistics operation and management capacity building, build agile supply chain, the development of modern Logistics industry, and strive to build into the aviation industry's leading supply chain integration service providers.
At the meeting, Wang Meng also introduced to the participants in the logistics and logistics park in Tianjin, the relevant information, look forward to working with enterprises to carry out in-depth cooperation to create a better future supply chain aviation. After the meeting, the China Aviation News reporter Wang Meng also conducted an exclusive interview.
During the forum, Zhou Guangming, Assistant General Manager of AVIC Logistics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., made a presentation on "Introduction to AVIC Tianjin Aviation Industry Logistics Base". Steven Rice, General Manager of CATIC Hussey, gave a presentation on "Managing Chemicals in Production and Maintenance". . Wonderful content attracted many experts to ask questions frequently, with a view to explore the next step cooperation space.
The Expo will be held on September 5-8 at the AVIC Helicopter Industrial Base in Tianjin Binhai New Area Airport Economic Zone. The theme is "Approaching Helicopters", focusing on the advanced helicopter, engine, avionics system, and aircraft at home and abroad. Equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, flight simulators and other advanced concepts, technologies and products. China Helicopters, Eurocopter, Sikorsky, Bell Helicopter, Agusta, Russian Helicopters, and more than 300 world-renowned enterprises.
Mr. Shao Kexiong, former vice president of AVIC Logistics, Mr. Wu Ziqiang, Deputy General Manager of AVIC Logistics, Mr. Zhang Hong, Deputy Chief Economist of the Company, and Mr. Sun Nanan, Assistant General Manager of the Company, visited the exhibition.