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Red sacred roots to carry out the oath

"Yan'an spirit," accompanied by "red sunshine Yanan," the first win universal praise of the revolutionary classic songs in the autumn of September Dan Gui fragrance of the occasion, the equipment and the staff of the National Reserve to the revolutionary shrine of Yan'an, accept the patriotism and red revolutionary education baptism.
September 7, we went to Pagoda Hill, under the leadership of Party branch secretary Chen Shu-sen, old and new members review the party oath, every word sonorous, full of passion. All party members once again accept the spirit of baptism, as a member of the Communist Party loyalty to loyalty to the party, loyal to the motherland, loyalty to the people's determination, and based on their own, hard work, vowing to serve the country pride. In the glorious party, the party organization in 2012 in the work of diligent work, outstanding performance of outstanding party members and party workers.
Then we came to the solemn Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, through the model, painting and sculpture, so that we as if immersive, into the great revolution of China's immortal historical process. October 19, 1935, the Red Army Bashanshengyoushan through painstakingly arrived in northern Shaanxi, from the desolate plateau of northern China to become the cradle of the Chinese revolution, hundreds of millions of outstanding young people dreaming of the Holy Land. The first generation of leadership of the Communist Party of China out of here, the formation of Mao Zedong thought and increasingly mature system to achieve the first KMT-CPC, the common anti-Japanese ... ... Yan'an began to create one miracle after another to create the miracle of the Chinese revolution, write the new Chinese nation History!
In Yangjialing and Zaoyuan, the Communist Party of China led and directed the war of resistance against Japan and the liberation war, laying a solid foundation for the people's Republic. In the solemn Yangjialing, solemn before the central auditorium, Yan'an Party School Professor He Hailong focus on the "Yan'an spirit" of the connotation, historical status and practical significance. Lectures rich in content, focused, elaborate, to explain vivid, very appealing, in the scene all the staff in the warm response. Here, the CPC held the seven, formally established the important position of Mao Zedong in the Chinese Communist Party, established Mao Zedong Thought as the guiding ideology of the party, and wrote the party! This has a "Yanan thirteen years," the glorious years, this has a historic great turning point!
The red tour, we also find the root Huangdi Mausoleum, Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan is the common ancestor of the Chinese nation, is the founder of five thousand years of Chinese civilization. Cooper Sen Sen, offering a lengthy, ancestor illustrious, Chinese rain. We also listen to the heart of the mother river, Hukou Waterfall with its majestic momentum reflects the spirit of the Chinese nation to struggle.
Through the Red Tour, re-take the revolutionary Holy Land, the search for great relics, cherish the memory of the martyrs soul, the staff will "Yanan spirit" into the work of emancipating the mind, seek truth from facts, hard work, service aviation, leap-forward development for the company to contribute their strength!Seek truth, work hard, serve aviation, and contribute its own strength to the leap-forward development of the company!