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"Strong combination, complementary advantages"

- China Aviation Terminal and Sinotrans to establish long-term strategic cooperative relations
June 18, 2013, Shanghai Sinotrans International Freight Forwarders Co., Ltd. General Manager You Shen, Deputy General Manager Bao Ying, Director Hu Yibin, director of marketing Zhao Jun, project manager Jin Zhigang, vice president of import Zhou Weidong visit. Sun Jinghai, deputy general manager of AVIC Lingang Port, Tian Ye, deputy general manager, and Liu Weijun, two operations ministries, Wu Liang, supplier management manager, attended the reception.
Founded in 1950, Sinotrans is China's largest international freight forwarding company, the largest air cargo and international express agency, the second largest shipping agency and the third largest shipping company. AVIC is a large state-owned enterprise managed by the central government. It is involved in many fields such as aviation machinery and equipment manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, trade, engineering planning, automobile and real estate. Shanghai Sinotrans International Cargo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinotrans Group, with the Group's strong logistics resources and rich historical experience, can provide us with high-quality, all-round logistics services. China Aviation Logistics as the only logistics platform in the aircraft industry, shouldering the arduous logistics tasks, and the powerful and powerful suppliers to obtain cooperation. The two sides have a similar background of state-owned enterprises, inheritance of the same corporate culture. The same corporate vision drives us to work together for a win-win situation.
General Manager of Sinotrans Shanghai International Shipping Co., Ltd. promised to build a project team dedicated to CATIC Harbor Service. To ensure efficient and high-quality service, the team members included senior leaders and actual operators. CNAC Deputy General Manager Sun Jinghai very much appreciated and willing to Sinotrans and Shanghai International Cargo to establish long-term strategic cooperation. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent.