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China Aviation Logistics held "5 1 5" strategy will be rolling update

In accordance with the comprehensive and in-depth international aviation "strategic transformation of the crucial action" requirements, August 26, 2013, China Aviation Logistics "5 1 5" strategy will be updated rolling logistics headquarters in Beijing Aviation Logistics. Deputy General Manager of CATIC, Mr. Zhang Wei, Assistant Manager of Human Resources Department, Mr. Zhang Wei, Deputy General Manager of CATIC Logistics, Mr. Li Wei, Chairman of CATIC Logistics and the Chairman of CATIC Logistics Board of Directors. Director of Logistics Office Zhu Hepeng, Business Manager of Financial Department Wang Jintao, Business Development Manager Liu Tiejun and Tang Qun of the Strategic Development Department attended the meeting, members of AVIC logistics team and leaders of the general level and above.
General Manager of Air Logistics Li Qifeng in 2013 "5 1 5" strategy to update the rolling update. General Lee's report from the enterprise development assessment, strategic analysis, strategic planning updates, strategic transformation of the four key aspects of tackling key action analysis. CATIC Logistics officially operated from 2008 to 2013, revenue and profits of the compound annual growth rate of 129% and 75%, rapid economic benefits, customer and supplier strategic cooperation with remarkable results, and promote "light asset operations" fruitful. But there are still gaps between the strategic objectives, the implementation of the path is not clear, the traditional business model, lack of development momentum and other issues, especially in the bulk trade risk control problems. To this end, CATIC Logistics adhere to the strategic direction, the implementation of a division of a policy, determined to order out of bulk trading business rationale, and take the initiative to re-plate strategy, a profound reflection of the gains and losses in business, and actively adjust the business structure, Strengthen basic management, to ensure the completion of business tasks.
General Lee pointed out that the past five years, CATIC logistics business profit growth is mainly from a single core team spontaneous creation, not the result of the design, not easy to copy, this growth is highly unstable. Mr. Li made it clear that AVIC logistics should take the specialization, integration, informationization and securitization to cope with the great opportunity brought by China's economic restructuring. At the same time, it made self-operated logistics company established in heavy plate and engine section. In-depth analysis.
Li said in his speech, the original model encountered bottlenecks in the development, the logistics in the air to "end to force" to open up focus on aviation, deep plowing specialization: the implementation of specialized supplier-side procurement, relying on the representative room resources and international The procurement channel advantages, to create understand products, understand production, understand the management of professional supplier management capabilities; in the implementation of regional client services, centralized procurement on the basis of a division of a policy, the above line logistics depth embedded to regionalized Services to meet individual needs.
General Lee pointed out in the report, CATIC logistics plan in the future to create three platforms: centralized purchasing platform, supply chain integration platform and military transport platform.
To build a centralized procurement platform, CATIC logistics plan to "Division on behalf of the Chamber" as the basis, up control of supplier resources, the implementation of procurement specialization, to build the aircraft industry centralized procurement platform. There are three initiatives: adjust the structure. Break down the representative office by the regional subsidiaries of the pattern of management, implementation by the professional division of the direct management of the business model. Expansion of resources. Expand new categories such as components to expand the share of centralized procurement. According to the military development and production changes, the new size of the contractor system for the new representative room, to consolidate military support and security system. Build alliance. Give full play to the representative room and the system for many years the advantages of cooperation to products for the media to capital as a link with the contractor to establish strategic alliances or joint ventures, to protect the aviation (military) sales channels exclusive.
To build a supply chain integration platform, CATIC Logistics plans to provide tailor-made, one-stop service for local aviation plants in the region, to adjust the organizational structure and business model of the regional companies in the procurement, transportation, warehousing, on-line services and other links Quality services, build the aircraft industry supply chain integration platform.
To build the military transport platform, the aircraft logistics plan to seize the military transport management is not standardized, the military transport capacity of the opportunity to play in the logistics of the CICC integrated supply and trade advantages, the integration of aviation plant and social transport warehouse resources to build the aircraft industry As well as national defense military) specialized military transport platform.
To complete the "three major platforms" to build, Li called the Air Logistics System cadre staff to provide resources in all aspects of support and protection. First of all, the logistics leadership team to know the line. Advocate internal debate, foreign firm implementation of the practice of verification methods, adhere to the "triple play" decision-making mechanism, a clear workflow and organizational division of labor, lead members to lead by example, courage, commitment, wisdom to complete the company to first-class enterprise leap development of. Second, we need to adopt an organizational structure that is aligned with customer needs. The top-level design is in line with CATIC's logistics development. The executive level takes the ability as the first and the grass-roots standard work flow as the effective supervision and restraint. Third, in the mechanism to break the level of interest point to the formation of high-level cadres in performance-based assessment mechanism, can be more on the next. Finally, the establishment of the pursuit of excellence in corporate culture, so good to become a habit. Accompanied by the international leadership for Daye Daye mode, your flight mode and the logistics of the standard business location to ask questions, Lee answered the total one one.
China Aviation Logistics Chairman Li Hui pointed out that after the reorganization, China Aviation Logistics has achieved leapfrog development, to refine the strategic landing steps, fulfill the mission, strengthen the capacity-building. CATIC senior international affairs Cao Jiang pointed out that the strategic report, the logistics positioning clear, strategic focus, team unity, the market to grasp accurately. In terms of Jicai, the Group has given relevant policy support, China Aviation Logistics to actively for the military, to develop high value-added services for the aviation system to protect the supply of enterprises, cost-effective to provide integrated solutions. On-line logistics is the short board in the aircraft industry, talent pool and capacity building are not enough, China Aviation Logistics have a new way of thinking, through embedded services do real market. Military transport logistics opportunities in the Air is the next 3 to 5 years in the Air Logistics need to focus on business and highlights the business.
Lai total for the logistics operations and strategic positioning in the fully affirmed, hope to do better in the logistics, to assume greater responsibility. Lai always pointed out that the development of China Aviation Logistics should be "one into a retreat." "Jin" refers to the aviation and business for the same nature, on the lower reaches of the coordinated military business strides forward, the real supply chain integration services. Now the national environment and the Group's policies are good for the development of China Aviation Logistics, to maximize the removal of "drooping fruit." "Fly" refers to the focus on resources and energy, resolute, intelligent, and orderly manner to exit the bulk of the logistics value of the logistics, value-added part, to tap the potential, and strive to copy; trading.
The second step to solve the problem into how. Have strategic thinking, know how to choose, change from passive to active, change the chance of growth for sustainable growth. CATIC Logistics Division has a great role in business development. It is an important measure to really close to the market and serve for the status of service. It is also an important measure to standardize business development by system and process. However, regional service strategy involves a big adjustment of management structure. Landing also need to strengthen efforts to truly for customers (including suppliers and users) to improve efficiency.
The third issue is the question of resource security. The most prominent problem is the talent issue, in personnel training, Lai always encourage the logistics in the internal training to the main, combined with external recruitment, increase the intensity of the introduction of professionals. At the same time, the face of the internal system of slow return of the aviation system, the problem of low turnover, to analyze the overall affordability, based on positive and financial companies to explore the distribution mechanism of benefits.