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Efforts to build centralized purchasing and logistics service platform in aviation industry

On August 22, 2013, avic party member, deputy general manager Gu Huizhong to China aviation logistics, centralized purchasing and logistics service to listen to, general manager of the China aviation logistics Li Jifeng project report, China aviation logistics team members, middle managers in Shanghai.
China aviation logistics, general manager of China aviation logistics Li Jifeng introduced since it was founded in 2007 the business scale and network layout, emphatically introduces the China aviation logistics in centralized purchasing and logistics services, expanding the strategic cooperation with aviation customers, strengthen the strategic alliance with the core suppliers, efforts to actively explore new business aviation. Li in the future development ideas, emphasizes the market-oriented means to build avic in platform, change aviation industry supply mode is committed to become a supply platform integration, military transport platform and logistics business expands incremental strategy, etc.
Despite the total for China aviation logistics operating condition to give you, he says, have been paying attention to the development of China aviation logistics for a long time, China aviation industry professional logistics platform, China aviation logistics centralized purchasing of raw materials in aviation aviation effectively reduce the purchase cost, reduce capital takes up, also contribute to combat corruption and build a clean government; In logistics services, and actively discuss strategic cooperation with the same pattern, and embedded into the factory logistics services for aviation system within enterprises recognition and affirmation.
  For the development of China aviation logistics next, gu always made clear that to "innovation" and "service" strategic positioning. Face pack and the competition environment, China aviation logistics to innovative business model, for the logistics enterprises benchmarking, giving full play to the advantages of aviation logistics, improve the competitiveness of the industry; To effectively utilize social resources, aviation, military service, faces the society; To "zero distance" with customers, improve service, improve the level of service quality, with services to create value; Want to strengthen personnel training, forms the different levels of logistics talent echelon, support for the future development.
  For the next step will be introduced in avic group, level of centralized purchasing, always said, China aviation logistics promising in centralized purchasing and price bidding procurement aspects, with aircraft makers consensus, strengthen coordination; To play to China aviation logistics supplies dispensing platform and the role of suppliers management office, with centralized purchasing leveraged inventory, improve the efficiency of aviation enterprise benefit. For the centralized purchasing, gu always put in a claim for a 16-character: overall planning, step-by-step implementation, easy to difficult after first, win-win cooperation.