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Chengdu CNAC and Cheng Fei Hua Chi high score through confidentiality review


September 16, 2013, Sichuan Provincial Defense Science and Technology Industry Office military secret business advisory services unit confidentiality review group of four people, Chengdu International Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu) and Chengdu Cheng Fei Hua Chi International Freight Chengdu Branch made 94 points, is one of the highest score, Cheng Feihua scored 93 points results, the two companies are to pass the review of high marks.
Chengdu company and Cheng Feihua main service targets are military enterprises, the company has always attached great importance to confidentiality management, in the office planning to consider the setting of confidential places, in the daily business development process in accordance with the requirements of confidentiality management. Chengdu company and Cheng Fei-chi in February 2013 formally launched the confidentiality of the record work, from the establishment of confidential organization, staff, set responsibilities; revised and improved security rules and regulations; perfect security equipment and facilities; implementation of secret vector management, computer And classified information systems management, communications and office automation equipment management; organized secretaries to participate in the special training organized by the National Defense Science and Technology, one by one to implement the conditions of confidential filing.
During the inspection, the review team first heard the confidentiality of the Office of the Director of the high-masterpiece of the "Chengdu, China and the Chengdu Huaci confidential work report", and view the relevant documents and confidential work files, then view the company secret place, the secret computer Use and security protection and other technical tests carried out, and selected six secretaries of the closed-book examination of confidential knowledge, three employees were more than 95 points good results.
The inspection team believes that the basic conditions, organizational conditions, equipment and facilities, personnel conditions and system conditions of Chengdu CNAC and Chengdu Huachi Company are all in place, and confidential education, daily confidentiality management, supervision and inspection and technical protection measures are strong and confidential. At the same time, the confidentiality of the company's problems and shortcomings are also comments, made improvements and suggestions.
Sichuan Provincial Office of National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Review Group announced the results of the review site: Chengdu, China and the Chengdu-hua Chi companies in line with military secret business consulting services security conditions, and on-site signing of the "military secret business advisory services security conditions review opinions Book ", marking the Chengdu Air China and Cheng Fei Hua Chi successfully passed the confidentiality advisory services for the record review, with the military secret service to provide qualified services.