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Chinese Premier Meets Zambian Guests

On March 3, 2016, Xiao Guangzhong, the deputy general manager of AVIC Logistics and chairman of AVIC Lingang International Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., met the visiting Minister of Construction Mumbai of Zambia. The two sides exchanged views on the current economic environment and logistics market in Zambia, and discussed the future business cooperation in depth.
On behalf of CATIC Logistics, Mr. Xiao expressed his sincere welcome to Mr. Minister's visit and gave a detailed introduction of CATIC Logistics's development background and business development. During the meeting, Xiao briefed on the plans for Zambia to carry out large-scale logistics business, hoping to get the strong support of the Zambian government.
As a friend in the international aviation more than 20 years old Mr. Mu Xiuta positively affirmed the international aviation in Zambia's contribution, but also hope that the logistics in Zambia to have more extensive and in-depth cooperation. Mr. Mukuta said that CATIC brand enjoys a very high reputation among the government and people of Zambia. On behalf of the government and people of Zambia, Zambia actively welcomes CNA Logistics to Zambia to develop bulk logistics business. After returning home, he will urge the Zambian government to give us relevant policies. stand by.
At the end of the meeting, Mr. Mughuta invited Shaw to Zambia for a visit.