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Industrial relocation

The first phase, the equipment nearly ten thousand the number. Among them, the world's advanced CNC machining center to hundreds. The owner requirements before the restoration of all equipment precision to move the accuracy of the even better, and the owner does not affect the production plan. Relocation scale, relocation of the high difficulty, unprecedented in China.
In the face of so complicated relocation project, catic lingang relocation team from the management Angle, the detailed and careful to move the construction plan; Organization of professional management and technical team; And tough demands of relocation project and equipment technical problems, set up expert group; For relocation project schedule, quality, safety and risk taking advance planning, make commissioner of the supervision, after both parties to assess improvement measures; Relocation site strictly carry out 6 s management. Finally with zero accident rate, on time and efficient completed the first phase of hongdu overall relocation project.
Catic lingang in combination with the relocation project in the process of relocation, live, formulated the "avic relocation site management norms", "avic relocation manual" move specification, created a rich experience, scientific management norms, the combination of theory and practice of excellent project logistics relocation team, meet the future more makers, China aviation industry auxiliary machinery factory and various research institutes of the overall relocation requirements.