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Industrial relocation


In July 2015, China aviation port international logistics to undertake (AVIC Hongdu Aviation Industry Refco Group Ltd) the overall relocation project started, AVIC host plant relocation precedent, China is the largest in the history of industrial relocation.
The first phase of the project, the number of equipment is nearly 10000. Among them, the world's advanced CNC machining centers have reached hundreds. The owner requires that the precision of all equipment be restored to the precision before the relocation, even better, and the owner's request does not affect its production plan. The large scale of the relocation, the high difficulty of the relocation, no precedent in the country.
Faced with such a complex relocation project, aviation port relocation team from the management perspective, to develop a relocation plan for construction detailed and thorough; management and technical team of professional organizations; and for the relocation of equipment difficult projects and technical problems, the establishment of the panel; the relocation project schedule, quality, safety and risk taking plan before, in the supervision of the Commissioner, after both parties improved evaluation measures such as the relocation site; strict implementation of 6S management. Finally to zero accident rate, timely and efficient completion of the overall relocation project of hongdu.
In the relocation process, the aircraft with port relocation project situation, formulated "China aviation industry relocation site management standard", "AVIC relocation manual" such as the relocation of norms, to create a rich experience, scientific and standardized management, the theory and practice of combining the technology of excellent engineering logistics relocation team, to meet the future of aviation industry the host plant, auxiliary plant and various research institutes overall relocation needs.