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Logistics storage

Built in 1987, the entire area of the area covers an area of 15 mu, located in Baoshan District, Shanghai City, Lianyi Road No. 190, near the republic new road north and south, adjacent to the S20 outer ring line. Luku association is a professional import and export trade inside and outside the public bonded warehouse. Taking warehousing and distribution as the main business, integrating distribution, circulation processing and network information as a whole, the reservoir area mainly stores aircraft and aerial spare parts, and provides related logistics, warehousing and distribution services for high-end manufacturing industry.

★Fellowship road library existing four-storey building 1 building, indoor warehouse 2400 square meters (11 meters high), of which 1200 square meters for public bonded library (equipped with 5 tons, 10 tons of double beam bridge crane)
★K8 special libraries within 4 layer 1000 square meters (equipped with lifts and central air-conditioning)
★Open storage area of 3600 square meters (equipped with 20 tons of longmen bridge crane)
★The rolls are equipped with all kinds of lifting equipment, containers, devanning, for the international military products trade, K8 project, Boeing projects provides storage, packing, etc.
★Warehouse is equipped with 3 T, 3.5 T and 5 T forklift freight cars.